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Sweet Cream Set: Kaffeesahne, Gianduiasahne, Mandelcreme, Pistaziencreme 200gr x 4

22,90 €

inkl. gesetzlicher MwSt.

For our greediest customers we put together these four delicious sweet creams Scyavuru in a super tasty set. For breakfast, as a snack, to prepare cakes and desserts or simply on a slice of bread…they are perfect in any way! Try them all! this Coffee Cream Scyavuru is a refined alternative for a tasty breakfast. It is also perfect as a sweet and delightful snack which will give you the strong lift that only a very good coffee can give. Gianduia Cream, the Piedmontese nut chocolate, is for sure the most famous cream in the world. The perfect and balanced mix between hazelnut and chocolate is the base of this delightful and tasty cream. Leading from the old sicilian recipes, but also paying attention to innovation, Scyavuru company creates a delicious Almond Cream, made only with local selected almonds. It is universally known that Pistachio is one of the most typical product of Sicily and one of the best way to taste it is as a cream. For this reason Scyavuru company creates this amazing Pistachio Cream, produced only with Sicilian pistachios.