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COFFEEMATE 35170BX French Vanilla Creamer, .375oz, 50/Box

17,99 €

inkl. gesetzlicher MwSt.

Coffee Mate French Vanilla flavor coffee creamer is the perfect way to create a delicious cup of creamy vanilla perfection. This perennial favorite blends rich creamer with just the right amount of bright vanilla notes for a taste that’s simply beyond compare. Stir in the creamy goodness of French Vanilla anytime for a smooth, sweet sip that’s lactose-free and cholesterol free. With single-serving Coffee Mate non-dairy creamer, you create your perfect cup every time by adding just the right amount of flavor – morning, noon or night andwithout refrigeration! Whether you’re sharing with a friend or taking a moment to recharge, the rich, creamy taste of Coffee Mate French Vanilla is the perfect flavor to wake up your cup.Non-dairy liquid creamer in portion control individual serving tubs. No cholesterol. No refrigeration needed. Flavor: French Vanilla; Packing Type: Mini Cups Capacity (Volume): 0.375 oz.Our goal is to keep the online nutrition information up-to-date and accurate. However, we always recommend that you check the labels, or call the manuf acturer, for the most up-to-date ingredient and nutritional information.