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Biltong 1kg Piri-Piri (Mild to Hot)

39,00 €

inkl. gesetzlicher MwSt.
Fleisch Wurstwaren

The Best Biltong Made by Real South Africans, The Yum Biltong Family We know we’re not the cheapest option in the market, but we make up by providing the best Biltong No No No we are not butchers! Cutting a cow or a sheep and being a butcher has nothing to do with making biltong! Making biltong is an art and the best biltong is made by the South African Yum Biltong Family. We are not butchers nor do we pretend to be but we cut 100´s of thousands of kilograms of silver side per week to make biltong. We clean and prep the meat ourselves and could maybe de-bone a cow with our eyes closed if need be. But are we butchers? Absolutely not. We are South Africans and we know that being a butcher is more about slaughtering and cutting up animals. We are deli-owners coming from families who make South African yummy stuff. Biltong is in our blood and so we know the art of making it just right. We don’t use dryers (like butchers do) and we don’t dehydrate. We have built large massive rooms in old South African style for natural drying. Our biltong is made the old school way, not in a butchery. We don’t take the love out of our food and there is no batch of biltong that we don’t yum from. We are a family working hard 7 days a week on The Yum Biltong Family range. Making biltong is purely our love and job as we so miss the taste of South African Biltong and we just had to do something about it. Our biltong is made using prime beef-meat only, supplied from a butchery that receives fresh meat every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. We use authentic spice blends from South Africa.