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Anivarya Mango Chutney/Spread with Dry Fruits – Indian Dip Sauce 500 gm(17.63 OZ)

9,00 € 11,03 €

inkl. gesetzlicher MwSt.
Saucen Dips Marinaden

Mit „ANIVARYA“ stellen wir sicher, dass Sie Ihre Kunden heute und überall verfügbar sind. Our range of products are not only nutritious but also contain ingredients that help specific body functions. Quality is of utmost importance for us and we maintain that by following a rigorous quality check process and by making use of best quality raw material. We encourage healthy lifestyle in which we replace junk food with food which is healthy and beneficial. We believe that these small changes in daily diet go a long way to help to stay fit. So lets change for good and inculcate these good habits to the extent that they become necessary or as we call it ‚ANIVARYA‘ part of life. After all life is a reflection of choices we make.